Sanctuary of Hope Charity Foundation is Youth Led organization, officially registered in 2017 which has become an organization with justice, peace and dignity at heart, leading a core movement for humanity in achieving African Union(AU) Agenda 2063 African We Want and the United Nations(UN) Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through our continuous works of facilitating for:

  • Vulnerable mother and child welfare/healthcare
  • Youths development & empowerment,
  • Public enlightenment on civil responsibilities and
  • Combatting social vices, including drug abuse and social injustice in West Africa. 

About Sanctuary of Hope Charity Foundation

Welfare Programs- Globally, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined from 36 per cent in 1990 to 10 per cent in 2015. But the pace of change is decelerating and the COVID-19 crisis risks reversing decades of progress in the fight against poverty. We have fostering our welfare programs in promoting SDGs 1 to share in the responsibility for global solidarity.

Providing sustainable means of livelihood for less privilege through empowerment in Agro Farming, Pastoral/Livestock farming, Fishery, poultry and skill acquisition training programs.

Good Health and wellbeing programs- Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Before the pandemic, major progress was made in improving the health of thousands of people across Nigeria with efforts from our partners Red Cross and Mendlife Global.

Significant strides were made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality, since November 2018. We are making major progress to flatten the negative effect of Covid-19 pandemic through our early sensitization and provision of safety kits across Nigeria, since February 2019.

Anti-Drugs Abuse and Mental wellbeing Programs- The increasing rate of substance abuse in the country, which has a record of over 14.2 million Nigerians, with 84% of its victims being youths, who are mostly influenced by their peer groups. This manner of social vices has erupted so many conflicts in the country, including depression. Therefore, our youth driven foundation has taken responsibility to assist fellow youths in development/empowerment.


Sensitization/early warning awareness of Youths on illicit use of drugs.

Drug use prevention and Care, Data analysis and sequestration.

We have covered over 26 states in Nigeria reaching out to the under privileged, Drug use sensitization, Giving arms to the inopportune.

We have successfully recovered/reintegrated 209 victims, while preventing thousands from engaging in such menace through our sensitization/recovery programs of drug abuse/mental well-being in remote communities and institutions in Nigeria.

Psychosocial support program is committed to building resilience and promoting the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals with the aid of our medical team, counselling team, legal team, and partners in all ramifications as this drives our passion to a consistent improvement on our global movement.

Public enlightenment/Advocacy Programs

Knowledge is the true power and information for advocacy is a tool to combat social injustice in the world. We constantly reinforce with youth on civic engagement, policies for nation building and socio-economic development.  Sanctuary of Hope foundation has effectively represented West Africa in the Africa Union, Youth for peace and security consultation in Southern Africa (Gaborone, Botswana) in May 2019.

To engage with other youth leaders in Africa on ways we are successfully combating Drug Abuse in our Region and advocacy for social injustice, Also, in so many high-level youth meetings and consultation across ECOWAS region (Economic Communities of West African States).

Due to the current trends in Nigeria, Nigeria need a lot of revolutionary process and considering the decadence of Political strife, our group has seen that some factors which have militated the growth of our nation, for instance, The youth are been used as instruments for perpetuating a lot of Vices. Hence, the group vied into activities that will enhance and promote peace and security. Use of drugs are the trappings of insecurity promulgated by our youths. Hence the need to de-emphasize.

Our Mission

We work around the Nation to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

Our STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE is to raise next generation of godly leaders with competence and character in the seven mountains of Influence, as gifts to generations.

Our Vision

To build a capable and youth that would be efficient in championing national and international leadership, for the raising of excellent minded and integrity-oriented youths, who through right values would be able to project Nigeria and Africa and change the leadership narrative bedeviling the continent.

Our Values

Sanctuary of Hope Charity Foundation prides herself on top notched values as integrity, brain, excellence and creativity. Without the first, we cannot be acceptable by all, without the second, we cannot be on the limelight and without the third and the fourth, we cannot compete favorably with world renowned Leadership Organizations


  1. Training/Mentoring Unit
  2. Gender-Based Violence Management Unit
  3. Financial Education/Intelligence Unit
  4. Leadership capacity building Unit
  5. Media/Social Media Unit
  6. Rehabilitation and Counselling Unit
  7. Image building Unit

Contact Info


Address: No_1 Sanctuary Avenue Apo Resettlement Zone E Abuja.

Phone: +234 9053082099, +234 7035090608


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